Collaborative Divorce & Mediation

Most divorces in New Jersey are resolved at some point before trial through a negotiation process. The reason for the high percentage of pre-trial divorce settlements is that litigation is costly — in terms of finances, time and emotional strain.

The New Jersey family court system recognizes the importance of providing a forum for divorcing spouses to attempt to negotiate a divorce agreement. The Early Settlement Panel (ESP) is a mandatory part of the divorce process in New Jersey, in which a neutral arbitrator hears each spouse’s arguments and makes recommendations about how to compromise on financial issues.

Two other important types of negotiation tools include divorce mediation and collaborative divorce.

How Goldstein, Bachman & Newman Can Help

At Goldstein, Bachman & Newman, our two founding partners are both arbitrators on the Early Settlement Panel. As part of our commitment to helping our clients resolve their divorces without the need for a trial, we also offer services in the areas of divorce mediation and collaborative divorce. We serve clients throughout central New Jersey, including Middlesex County, Monmouth County and Ocean County.

Divorce Mediation: What Is It

Divorce mediation is different from the Early Settlement Panel in two important ways. First, divorce mediation can address all issues in a divorce, including child custody and visitation. The Early Settlement Panel only addresses financial disputes.

Second, divorce mediation is not a formal court procedure. Instead, in divorce mediation, the spouses choose a private mediator who will work outside of the judicial system to help the spouses find acceptable compromises.

At Goldstein, Bachman & Newman, our attorneys are available to serve as divorce mediators and also to advise and represent clients who choose a third-party mediator.

Collaborative Divorce: What Is It

The collaborative divorce process is also a private procedure that can be tailored to the spouses’ needs and schedules. Collaborative divorce is different from mediation in that the spouses and their lawyers sign an agreement at the beginning of the process pledging to resolve their disputes without going to court. The spouses can share the cost of experts like child and family specialists and accountants, and the process can be much faster and cost-efficient than a divorce that culminates in a full-blown trial.

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Get More Information About Divorce Mediation and Collaborative Divorces

At Goldstein, Bachman & Newman, we offer all new potential clients a complimentary initial consultation. You can meet with our attorneys and get preliminary advice about your various options for proceeding with your divorce, including mediation and collaborative divorce.

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